Google Music App Coming to iOS This Month [REPORT]

Josh WolfordIT Management

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The last time we heard mention of a native Google Play Music All Access app for iOS, it was back in May. Google's SVP of Android, Chrome, and Apps said that the app would be launching in a couple of weeks, and that their developers "were working like crazy" on it.

Flash forward to October, and still no app exists. Apparently, that's about to change.

Engadget quotes sources who say that an official Music All Access app is imminent. In fact, teams are now in test mode and are planning on launching the app some time this month.

Google Play Music All Access, Google's subscription streaming service, went live on May 15th. Subscriptions are $9.99 per month, and they give users access to millions of tracks coupled with personalized suggestions and a streaming radio service.

Of course, the impetus behind brining a Google Play Music All Access app to iOS is for Google to give Apple users an incentive to buy in to the subscription service. iPhone and iPad users have been able to make do with unofficial iOS apps that will stream Google Play music, but Google obviously wants a native app to entice customers.

“In Google’s fundamental DNA, we want [our services] to be universally accessible…for us, users on iOS who want to use Google services, we want them to be Google users,” Pichai said back in May.

So, if Engadget's sources are to be believed, look for it to hit soon.

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