Google Moves To Flesh Out Product Data


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Smart consumers tend to want as much product information as possible, and many people delay purchases when a certain statistic isn't available (who wants to buy a TV when there's a chance its cord won't reach the nearest outlet?).  So this weekend, Google revisited a deal that means shoppers will get more (and more accurate) details.

Google and Edgenet first announced an arrangement back in October.  Edgenet, a "product content collection service," was to supply Google with info provided by manufacturers in order to improve Google Product Search.

Now it looks like the relationship is starting to move forward.  Brian Lam, a strategic partner manager, encouraged readers of the Google Merchant Blog yesterday, "Manufacturers and suppliers can work directly with Edgenet's Ezeedata service to submit high-quality product data and images to Google.  For more information, you can visit their website, at"

Lam also supplied a link related to the Canon S95 camera, which has a fully-developed product profile page.

These improvements could lead to more people using Google Product Search and more purchases being made through the service.

As a side effect, they could spare the customers and employees of brick-and-mortar stores from having to go through the hassle of opening, measuring, and plugging in all sorts of products, as well.