Google Moog Doodle Songs Showing Up on YouTube


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As you might expect, ever since the Bob Moog Google Doodle showed up--it's still up on Google, ala, the Les Paul Doodle--folks have been uploading songs covered by the playable synthesizer. The results are about what you'd expect: digital songs that almost sound like the original song that's being covered.

In fact, many of them sound like the kind of music you might hear on an 8 or 16-bit video game console. With that in mind, here's a sample of the songs being uploaded, including a Daft Punk/"Aerodynamic" cover that's the current winner in regards to YouTube views, netting almost half a million.

That particular cover gets us started:

Next up is a cover of the song Frazy:

The original version, which was made for Commodore 64 founder, Jack Tramiel:

The intro to Van Halen's "Jump." At least the melody is right:

The theme song from Tetris:

We'll end this with Donna Summer's "I Feel Love," which is fitting considering the circumstances:

Got any Moog Doodle songs of your own that you'd like to share? Please do so in the comments.