Google Marks Data Privacy Day

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We're not quite sure how the average individual is supposed to celebrate this - don a tinfoil hat and watch a few episodes of The X-Files, perhaps? - but Data Privacy Day is here, and Google's attempted to acknowledge the occasion in several different ways.

Method of support number one: as you can see from the screenshot below, Google (along with Microsoft) is a sponsor of Data Privacy Day.  That means the search giant officially supports The Privacy Projects, which is the nonprofit think tank behind the unusual holiday.

Google will also host a public discussion on privacy later today (video will be uploaded to YouTube if you can't swing by the company's D.C. office), and representatives of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Federal Trade Commission, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are all due to attend.

Finally, on the Official Google Blog, a post stated, "On this Data Privacy Day, a major focus for Google is on creating ways for people to manage and protect their data. . . .  And pretty soon we'll be extending the availability of 2-step verification, an advanced account security solution that is now helping protect more than 1,000 new accounts a day from common problems like phishing and password compromise."

Look for that rollout to happen within the next month or so.

Together, all this should earn Google a few more than a few points in the PR department.

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