Google Maps Traffic Data Added For Norway, New Zealand, Hong Kong

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Since it began tracking live traffic conditions in 2008, Google Maps has continuously added more and more locations to the service so that travelers can plan accordingly around hairy gridlocks and untimely commuting routes. Via the Lat Long blog today, Google Maps announced that major cities and highways in Norway, New Zealand, and Hong Kong will now be able to take advantage of the feature as they will now have some live traffic coverage with their respective maps.

Users can toggle the live traffic coverage by selecting 'Traffic' from the dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the map. Using a color-coded legend, with green meaning that the traffic is moving fast, you can see what the activity is like on the streets before you embark into the frenzied world. Below is an example of what traffic is currently like in Central, Hong Kong, near Victoria Harbor.

The feature will be available on both via the Google Maps website and via mobile access either through iOS or Android devices. In an example taken from my nifty iPhone, you can see that the Auckland-Kumeu Motorway and other nearby highways are currently pretty traffic-laden.

The Lat Long blog points out, too, that if your in parts unknown as far as Google Maps live traffic coverage goes, you can contribute to Google Navigation or Google Maps for Mobile while traveling and share information with your fellow travelers.

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