Google Maps Takes Steps To Improve Marker Accuracy

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By and large, Google Maps is great, providing well-plotted directions and up-to-date contact information on demand and free of charge.  But slight inaccuracies persist, and to fix this problem, Google will now allow people to reposition markers using Street View instead of just maps and satellite images.

Perhaps this sounds familiar: you type an address into Google Maps, switch to Street View, and find yourself staring at a Wal-Mart instead of an Italian restaurant.  Then you spend five minutes clicking up and down a street to locate the correct spot.  Frustrating, right?

Now there's an easy fix.  A post on the LatLong Blog suggested, "When you find a place that is in a wrong location, click on the marker and get an infowindow open as what you did before. . . .  Click on the 'edit' link, and then click the 'Move marker' link in the updated infowindow."

After that, "You'll see two jumping markers in the map and the Street View image appear, which means both of them can be dragged.  When you drag the marker on the map to a new position, the marker inside the panorama will be updated correspondingly, and vice versa."

This should greatly increase the accuracy of Street View as people tie markers to establishments' entrances.  And that'll benefit users in addition to any businesses that might otherwise lose potential customers due to poor directions.

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