Google Maps May Offer Businesses a Way to Update Locations

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One of Google's community managers over in the help forums has suggested that Google Maps might be offering a new way for businesses to update customers when they've moved. Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Roundtable picked up on the forum post where Google's Vanessa Schneider posted that Google is "working on a better messaging service" for times when a business relocates.

In the original post, a commenter posted a question in the "Google and Your Business" section of the forum that asked if Google could "raise a feature request for 'this office has moved' option or something familiar," to which Vanessa replied, "Yep, we're working on better messaging for these kinds of cases. Stay tuned!"

I understand that businesses move around a bit, but if Google can provide businesses with an option to relay to customers that they've moved, why not just provide businesses with a more immediate way to just update their location when it changes? Kinda puzzling, that.

Recently, Google Maps launched an Analytics service for businesses that use the mapping feature on their website in order to improve consumer engagement depending on how visitors to the site interact with the map. Perhaps the most notable engagement a business could have with a customer, though, would being able to provide a way to indicate that 1/ it's recently relocated or 2/ it's not closed.

We'll keep you posted about the rumored Google Maps "We've Moved!" feature as the information becomes available.

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