Google Maps for Business Unrolls New Website, Tools for the Trade

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Google has been pushing Google Maps lately towards businesses to foster the understanding that it's more than just a navigation device, but also a tool that can be utilized to navigate potential customers into the direction of becoming actual customers. The latest addition to the Google Maps for Business campaign is a new website, When Is a Map More Than a Map?

The new business webpage is aimed at two types of industry: retail, and trasport and logistics. On the retail side of the pool, you'll find a series of tips on how to effectively apply Google Maps in your greater strategy for putting customers inside your store because, really, if you don't have that then you probably will have difficulty moving that merchandise. Business owners will find tips on basics like how to put your location on Google Maps to more advanced wizardry like using maps to show people exactly how much stock you have of a particular item.

See the video below, replete with charming accents and lawn mower-riding zoo creatures, for a brief explanation of how Google Maps for Businesses can be used

The second leg of Google Maps for Business pertains to transport and logistics. As you may have guessed, this is for delivery businesses or any type of business that offers delivery of merchandise to customers. Having a reliable map is undoubtedly one of the best ways to find out where you're going, find out the best route to get there, and even give customers an opportunity to track their packages so they'll when to expect their delivery. Google put together another video with charming accents but with less zoo creatures to demonstrate how Google Maps improves delivery services.

In addition to these demonstration of paper cut-out characters using Google Maps to conduct business, there's also a small pamphlet Google put out called 'Little Book of Google Maps for Business,' which is essentially a quick-reference guide for the tips explained in the above respective webpages and videos.

These features are the latest tools that Google's been deploying for business use. Prior to this, Google has introduced a Google Maps Analytics for Business and a demographic layer that can be superimposed on a map, which is included in the Google Maps API for Business package. Add all of this to perhaps the most customer-alluring tool of the sort, Business Photos, which allows stores to create a Street View-like virtual tour of your business' interior.

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