Google Maps Indoors Of CES 2012, Makes Sure You Cannot Get Lost

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It's official: you cannot get lost anymore. Even if you throw yourself into the tidal foot traffic of a convention such as CES this week, where you should be easily swept away by the frenzied tech fiends, you cannot get lost. Well, not unless you try.

What makes it so difficult to lose your way this year at the tech convention is Google Maps' offering of the floor plan for CES 2012 as part of their recently announced effort to include maps of indoor places as well as outdoor places. Not only will you easily navigate your way through the airports of Las Vegas as you arrive for CES, but now you will deftly maneuver your way through the labyrinthine arrangement of nearly every exhibit at the convention. Android Police offered up this example of the nifty map:

As with any of the Google Maps you summon, you can zoom in or out to pinpoint more detailed locations at CES. Furthermore, you can even get directions to a certain booth you'd like to visit by punching in the destination of interest. This Maps function will be an invaluable given the convention is happening in Sin City. However, it'd have been really nice of Google to include a function that helps you locate the lost member of your squad once you get blackout hammered after an exciting day of galavanting among all the shiny new technology.

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