Google Maps Adds 45° Aerials To More Cities

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Last month I wrote about how Google Maps upgraded the satellite imagery for a handful of cities around the world to include 45° imagery with the satellite view. The new feature, aside from providing a sample of what it must feel like to fly over these cities (by planes or by superpowers - your fantasy), offers Maps users a much clearer view of the cityscapes and reveals the cities' distinct characteristics.

As expected, Google expanded the list of cities getting the 45° imagery treatment and today announced that they've applied the feature to another 24 locations (14 cities in the U.S., 8 elsewhere in the world).

As I did previously, here's a comparison between a couple of the cities' 45° and 90° views. This is the Castilla de la Mota in San Sebastián, Spain, as viewed from the 90° angle:

And here it is viewed from the 45° angle:

Likewise, here is the Monumento de los españoles in Buenos Aires, Argentina, viewed at 90°:

And here it is viewed from the 45° angle:

HAHA, that doesn't even look like a place in that 90° image! You could probably take macro photos of a blemish on your face and get similar clarity.

While I may lambaste the 90° imagery as completely inferior now that a better visualization has been offered to us, the direct 90° view is still useful if you're strictly looking for directions. In case you didn't notice, sometimes you can't see behind buildings while searching the 45° images (I bet it's only a matter of time before we have fully explorable 360° images of everything, even that forgotten crawl space in your basement). However, if you're in the eager to actually see what the city looks like the 45° aerials will provide that in spades.

After today's addition, a total of 48 locations throughout the world are now equipped with the 45° awesomeness. The full list of cities sporting this new feature are:

  • U.S. - Charleston-Folly Beach, SC; Lee’s Summit, KS; Lexington, SC; Magna (Salt Lake City), UT; North Charleston, SC; Pine Island Center, FL; Plymouth, MN; Salinas CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Shawnee, KS; South Hill, WA; Spanish Springs, NV; Killeen, TX; Decatur, AL; Boise/Caldwell, ID; Buffalo, NY; Chattanooga, TN; Cleveland, OH; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Houston/Pasadena, TX; Kansas City/Gladstone, MS; Knoxville/Louisville, TN; Memphis/Bartlett, TN; Mobile, AL; Nashville, TN; Pensacola, FL; Racine, WI; Santa Monica, CA; Sarasota/Englewood, FL; Stockton, CA
  • Europe - Torrelavega, Spain; Pamplona, Spain; San Sebastian, Spain; Bailen, Spain; Rolle, Switzerland; Ponferrada, Spain; Wachtberg, Germany; Weinheim, Germany; Baiona, Spain; Basel, Switzerland; Friedberg, Germany; Mannheim, Germany; Santander, Spain; Ulm, Germany
  • South America - Buenos Aires, Argentina; Porto Alegre, Brazil

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