Google Makes Some Changes To AdSense Ad Review Center

Google announced a few changes it is making to the ad review center in AdSense. These include a new “related ads” feature, and some new insights signals.

The “related ads” feature now gives you a quicker way of identifying similar ads you want to allow or block:

Find Related Ads

New signals AdSense is following for insights include: impression score, serving status and historical trend.

“Impression score indicates whether an ad has a high, medium or low number of impressions per day compared to the other ads on your site,” explains AdSense product manager Fiona Herring . “As always, we recommend that you consider the potential impact on your revenue before choosing to block ads with high or medium impression scores.”

“Serving status identifies whether an ad is active or not. An active ad is defined as one that has recently received impressions,” Herring says. “If an ad is active, it’s more likely to still appear in the next few days. If an ad is inactive, it could still show again, but the longer it remains inactive, the less likely this will occur.”

Historical Trend shows whether the number of impressions per day for an a has gone up or down .

There are also some new interface changes.

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