Google Makes Flash For Chrome More Secure

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Information security while browsing the web has always been a concern, especially with all of the information that we share on the web nowadays. With this premise, the search engine giant's mainstream web browser Google Chrome has recently been released with improvements regarding the way that it handles its security performance, including the way it handles the Adobe Flash Player. More information on the new security updates Chrome has integrated can be read here.

According to the Google Chrome Blog, Google has been working with Adobe since 2010 to sandbox their Flash player in an efforts to protect its users from malicious software (malware). With this update, Google's browser now contains a new plug-in architecture that places Flash (for Windows users) in a sandbox as strong as the main sandbox for Chrome.

Viet-Trung Luu, Software Engineer for Google Chrome exclaims the following statement regarding the Adobe Flash update for Chrome:

We take the security of Chrome extremely seriously, so we’re excited to be delivering these enhanced protections, and we’ve enjoyed collaborating with Adobe on this effort.