Google Makes Changes To Improve SafeSearch

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On Thursday, Google released a list of 65 changes it made during the months of August and September. 5 of the changes are related to SafeSearch, Google's filter feature that allows you to search without having to see adult content.

Those changes are listed as follows:

  • Maru. [project “SafeSearch”] We updated SafeSearch to improve the handling of adult video content in videos mode for queries that are not looking for adult content.
  • Palace. [project “SafeSearch”] This change decreased the amount of adult content that will show up in Image Search mode when SafeSearch is set to strict.
  • #82872. [project “SafeSearch”] In "strict" SafeSearch mode we remove results if they are not very relevant. This change previously launched in English, and this change expanded it internationally.
  • Sea. [project “SafeSearch”] This change helped prevent adult content from appearing when SafeSearch is in "strict" mode.
  • Cobra. [project “SafeSearch”] We updated SafeSearch algorithms to better detect adult content.

You would think Google would have this down by now, and with these changes, you would also think Google has gotten even better at SafeSearch. It's hard to say whether or not it really has, but before these changes were announced, Search Engine Roundtable shared a story of an instance where Google was failing at SafeSearch, and even failed to make the necessary changes once notified (though it's possible that they will still be made).

Have you noticed whether or not SafeSearch has improved in recent months?

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