Google Launches TrueView Ads for Video Publishers

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Google announced the launch of a new video ad format called TrueView for its network of video publishers.

“TrueView ads, pioneered on YouTube, differ from traditional video ads in two main ways,” says lead product manager Payam Shodjai. “First, they give viewers choice - for example, the ad may be skippable or present a choice of ads to watch. Second, TrueView ads are sold through a Cost Per View (CPV) basis. You may be familiar with Cost Per Click (CPC) where the advertiser pays when someone clicks on their ad; similarly with CPV ads, advertisers are charged when a viewer chooses to watch the ad.”

“For example, say you're about to watch an interview with the makers of a new movie on The Hollywood Reporter,” says Shodjai. “A TrueView in-stream video ad will start to play and a counter will appear giving you the option, after five seconds, to skip the ad and continue watching the video.”

TrueView ads

Here’s an overview of the format:

Google says TrueView is a win for users, publishers and advertisers, since users have more control over the ads they see, publishers see higher returns, and advertisers get better engagement. Google says that with the small group of publishers that have been running the ads, RPMs have been equal to or better than standard pre-rolls.

There’s a form here, for those who wish to start using the format.

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