Google Launches Relief Site To Help Haiti


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Survivors of the earthquake in Haiti are going to receive help from Google in a big way.  On a new Support Disaster Relief site, Google's released satellite imagery of the destruction to spread awareness, created a list of relevant charities to encourage donations, and promised to contribute $1 million of its own money, as well.

Let's discuss the awareness efforts first.  The fresh satellite imagery was obtained with the help of GeoEye, and the pre- and post-earthquake shots are rather startling to see.  Google also noted that more information is available from local media sites and the U.S. State Department, plus it's published the contact numbers of seven different Haitian hospitals.

As for the fundraising side of things, the search giant had plenty more to say.  Google named UNICEF, Direct Relief, Yele Haiti, Partners in Health, the Red Cross, the World Food Program, Mercy Corps, Save the Children, the Lambi Fund, Doctors Without Borders, the International Rescue Committee, and Care as organizations that are accepting donations, and pointed out that it's possible to give money with text messages.

Google even created two buttons to allow people to donate to UNICEF and Care directly from its Support Disaster Relief in Haiti site.

Altogether, this represents a quick, thoughtful, and thorough response to a terrible event.

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