Google Launches Hugely Helpful Cloud Console App

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Google just launched a new Google Cloud Console mobile app for Android with its iOS counterpart on the way. The app lets you manage your Google Cloud Platform resource from your phone.

You can look at your system's health, view projects, set alerts, and monitor billing and resources. To put this in perspective, Google shares this little scenario:

You knew it would happen again. It's 7:30 on a Friday evening and you’re arriving at the restaurant to meet your friends. A text arrives from your boss: "Trying to log into video-proc-1. No response. Can u have a look and get back to me asap??"

Usually, you’d have to cancel your plans and drive home. But this time, you fire up the Google Cloud Console mobile app and find the troublesome VM. You notice the CPU spike on the graph and realize that one of your apps is probably stuck in a loop. You press Reset, check the CPU, and text back an all- clear to your boss. Your evening is saved.

Within a project, you can use the app to view a configurable graph to monitor stats, like requests per second, errors per second, and total instances for Google App Engine apps.


You can monitor CPU usage, disk, and network status for Compute Engine VMs and restart VMs or SSH to perform system level tasks. You can also communicate with your team.


The app is available in the Google Play Store. It's unclear when it will be available for iOS, but that's coming sometime in the near future.

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