Google Launches Fiber TV App on iPad

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iPad users in Kansas City, rejoice! Starting today, you'll be able to control your Google Fiber TV with your device, just like Android users.

Google has just released the Google Fiber TV app on iPad. This is the first time that it has appeared for iOS, but it is still not available for iPhone yet.

The Google Fiber TV app lets users find new TV shows and movies, as well as record directly to their DVR. Google says that iPad users can use the app to browse, buy, and watch on-demand content as well.

Android device owners have had this capability for just over a month.

Of course, this announcement only affects a pretty small group of people - iPad users in the Kansas City area. But that's going to change soon as Google has announced plans to expand their Fiber service to Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah.

Last week, Google announced that they were finally bringing HBO and Cinemax to Fiber TV.

You can grab the app today in the App Store.

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