[Update] Google I/O App Outs Pinterest For Android

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A Pinterest spokesperson sent us this statement:

“We're excited about the Android platform and are working hard on building a great app. However, we don't have plans to announce anything @ I/O.”

They're still going to be there according to I/O app, but they apparently won't be announcing the app. Your guess is as good as mine now.

Original story below:

Google I/O is almost upon us. We can expect plenty of announcements including the Nexus 7, but what about apps? It seems that everybody's favorite virtual pinboard is giving Android some love at the event.

Thanks to the eagle-eyed folks over at Ausdroid, they found that the Pinterest team is going to be at Google I/O. What's interesting about their inclusion is the description on the Google I/O App for Android. It says:

Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the Web. Now available for Android.

If you look on Google Play right now, there is no Pinterest app. The only apps available right now are third-party Pinterest viewer apps that use the API and charge people for a service that's free. An app straight from the Pinterest team would be free and native. It's a one-two punch of awesome for Pinterest fanatics who happen to be on Android.

Since the Pinterest app is not a thing yet, does that mean that the Google I/O app is lying? Not at all, it just means that the app is probably going to be announced at Google I/O. Any company, including Google, loves to make a big deal whenever a major service hits their platform. There's no better stage for such an announcement than I/O.

As for the actual app itself, we'll have to wait till the event proper this week to find out what it looks like. Going by recent trends, it's safe to assume that the app will contain some Android 4.0-specific features while extending support back to Android 2.3. It might even get some kind of fancy design to compliment its move to Android, but it will probably look just like the iOS app.