Google Introduces Interactive Chrome DevTools Training Course

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Developing Web apps can be made easier by using Chrome DevTools, but not everybody knows how to use them. To remedy that, Google is now offering a free interactive course on how to get the most out of the development toolset.

Google announced today the launch of Discover DevTools, an interactive Code School training course that teach developers "how to take advantage of Chrome DevTool's powerful suite of resources and speed up the development and debugging of your Web apps."

The course will be split into seven chapters with each one covering a specific set of features in Chrome DevTools. Each chapter will feature a video tutorial that's followed up by a set of challenges that will test what you've just learned. The Chrome DevTools will be integrated into the challenges themselves so developers will get a feel for how to use them while learning.

While the course is intended for those new to Chrome DevTools, Google says that veteran developers may want to take the course to brush up on their skills. The company says that developers may even "find some lesser-known features from this course that can really boost productivity."

Here's some of the things you can expect to learn from the courses:

You'll learn a debugging workflow to go from an uncaught exception to a live fix without ever refreshing your app. In addition, the course will share time-saving tricks to improve your efficiency while debugging CSS, improving reflow issues, and interpreting your network and JavaScript bottlenecks. You'll also uncover the DOM bottlenecks that are blocking you from delivering a slick 60 FPS experience.

You can check out the first video tutorial below. While you're at it, hit up the course Web site to start learning about Chrome DevTools.