Google Introduces Analytics Easy Dashboard Library

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Google Analytics is a really useful tool, especially for site administrators. The only potential problem is that you might not know a lot about code to really take advantage of the Analytics API. To fix this, Google has joined forces with a team of University of California Irvine students to create a new Analytics tool that simplifies the process down to a few simple steps.

The new tool is called the Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library. It's a first party tool that takes advantage of the Analytics API to create Google Analytics dashboards with minimal code and time. It should be a big help to site admins who don't know a lot about coding as the three steps to get it up and running are super simple.

First, you're going to want to register with the Google APIs console. After that, just copy and paste the JavaScript code that Google provides. From there you just have to configure the code to collect the data you need and the type of chart you want it displayed on.

I'm not the best with code, but even this seems super simple to me. It's a huge advancement in making code accesible and easy for all types of people from hardcore developers and programmers to amateurs starting out with their own Web site.

Here's an example of the code required, besides the library itself, that will create a fully featured Analytics chart.


Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library

Resulting chart:

Google Analytics Easy Dashboard Library

In other good news, Google is working on ways to simplify the library even more. They will be partnering with a new group of UC Irvine students for three quarters on this new venture. If you plan on using the new tool, be sure to send feedback and bug reports to this Google Group. It's linked to the students working on the project so they can know what it's like to work on a widely used piece of software.

See, you're getting simpler Analytics and furthering a child's education. It's a win-win for everybody.

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