Google Improves Click-To-Call Ads With Phone Extensions


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A little more than a month ago, Google introduced click-to-call phone numbers in local ads on smartphones.  Now, the popular program's undergoing an expansion as Google's made it easier for large companies to take advantage of the offering.

A post on the Inside AdWords blog explained today, "[W]e're bringing the same click-to-call benefits to national advertisers through phone extensions.  Phone extensions allow you to add a phone number that will be displayed whenever your ad is triggered, regardless of the user's location."

Here's the upshot, then: "This enables customers to connect with your business by phone directly from the ad and can be especially useful if you have a call center to handle customer inquiries."

Advertisers should profit as a result of this development, considering that phone calls are more likely than clicks to lead to purchases.  Google looks set to make a lot of money, too, since this move will encourage corporations with big advertising budgets to give click-to-call ads a shot.

Perhaps the only losers will be the companies that don't adapt quickly.  They'll risk losing sales to competitors with more eye-catching and actionable ads.