Google Image Ironic Amid Government Shutdown?

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If you’re familiar with social media in any way, then you’re probably familiar with the phrase, “That awkward moment when...” Today, anyone who has internet and uses Google as their primary search engine will be able to feast their eyes upon their custom graphic for today. Today, October 1, 2013 marks the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park. It also marks the first time in seventeen years where the United States government has shutdown.

Now we must commence with the phrase: “That awkward moment when Google makes a graphic celebrating a national park’s anniversary on the day that the government shuts down.” It’s also an awkward moment when non essential workers are furloughed and even more so of an awkward moment when citizens and tourists alike are unable to visit the park. It would seem not only ridiculous but also a complete injustice.

This is the case for all national parks and monuments across the nation.

How does one go about remedying this issue? Well both Republicans and Democrats would have to agree on something, for once, and come to a deal that will address our nation’s debts while still trying to tack on something else they don’t necessarily agree on, good ole’ “Obamacare” (for those of you that have been living under a rock). Then once Congress votes on a resolution, they then have to get it passed by the Senate.

Sounds like a walk in the park right? Absolutely not! If it were that simple then it would seem that our congress and our senate, the people we U.S. citizens vote into office, would have been able to come to some sort of agreement before the national deadline, which was before the clock struck twelve, signifying not only the first of the lovely month of October, but also this historic day that is the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park.

The significance of this day may be overshadowed by a historic tragedy and, if I may be frank, global embarrassment. One has to wonder, did no other event occur on this day in history, or do the designers over at Google have a sense of humor, or did the people at Google just want to celebrate this day for the park being that it will be highly unlikely that any celebration of sorts will be taking place within the national landmark?

Either way, thanks Google for the reminder, my condolences to the 800,000 people employed by the government that will be furloughed until further notice, let’s try and work together dear republicans and democrats and most importantly, Happy Anniversary Yosemite National Park!

Image via Google.

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