Google+ Humor: A Collection of Images

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Share this Post is a great place for web content, truth be told. One such area that especially rings true is for Google+. Whether its making fun of the upcoming Google+/Facebook war, or the lack of invites, or the lack of female companionship, Reddit has been delivering a generous amount of gems. This post is an homage to some of these creations. We're not trying to be comprehensive. If so, it would take forever for the images to load. Instead, here are some of the best ones, many of which were taken directly from Reddit's "Google+" search results.

First off, the gifs that made the cut. Animated gifs are most certainly en vogue again, and using them to tell the story of Google+ works rather well, especially when they're being used in conjunction with Facebook animations.

The first two focus on the "Facebook versus Google," while the third one details what it's like on Google+ when your friends haven't joined:

Google Wreck

Google Soccer

Lonely Google

Of course, while we're making fun of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly sitting back and counting his billions. Nevertheless, Google's gauntlet was heard loud and clear. What else explains Google+ ads disappearing on Facebook? Anyway, more Google+ domination images:

Traffic Jam

Google Castle

A couple of web comics, one by and one by Cyanide & Happiness, get in on the action as well. C&H's goes a little further than most, but then again, that's why we love them:

Google+ Comic" />

Google+ Comic" />

These next images require a screen capture, otherwise, the caption would be lost, as would the image's meaning. These, too, deliver:



GraphJam joins in the fun with an undoubtedly accurate pie graph:

Google Plus Graph

Now it's time for fun with Google+ Circles. If you're offended by crass wording, you might want to skip this next part:

Google Circles
Courtesy of

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus Circles

Next up is, well, I'm not really sure how to describe it. You can fill in whatever description you'd like. Be sure to click for a better view:

Tony Danza?
Who's the boss, indeed.

Finally, we have what is, in all likelihood, Google's true take on the social networking industry:

All Things

While this is certainly not all of the images dedicated to the Google+ experience, it is a great representation of what you will find if you go searching for images related to Google+. As long as the animated gifs keep coming, especially like one with the bus wreck, we'll be just fine. Did we miss one or leave one out you were looking for? Let us know in the comments.