Google HQ's Kitchen Has A 3D Printer For Pasta

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We've already clarified many times that working for Google is one of the best gigs in the world. The benefits are unmatched in the tech industry and they get awesome perks from time to time. One of those perks is an onsite cafeteria for employees. It seems that Google's dedication to technological advancement has reached the kitchen.

Dance New England is a summer camp of sorts that teaches all ages how to dance over an 11- day period. The on site cafeteria was being run by Bernard Faucher, a chef that also works at Google HQ. The camp interviewed Faucher about the differences between providing food for dancers and the folks at Google. The whole interview is pretty fascinating, but it gets really interesting at the 3-minute mark:

Faucher says that Google has a 3D printer in the kitchen for custom designed pasta. Everybody has their own favorite style of pasta and the chefs can create any variety they want using the 3D printer. The use of 3D printers in food preparation has been well documented over the years, but I think this is the first time I've heard of it being used to shape pasta.

To be honest, it's kind of surprising to just be hearing about it now. Pasta is something that could benefit immensely from 3D printing and nothing has to change in technology to accomplish that. Pasta dough is extremely malleable so using a 3D printer to craft custom shapes only makes sense.

Now that we know that Google has a 3D printer in their kitchen, what else do they have? Faucher only mentioned that Google has a lot of temperature related tools that allow them to slow cook meats over night. This warrants further investigation of course so here's hoping Google gives us a peek inside their kitchen one day.

As an aside, Faucher says that Google gets multiple whole pigs everyday. The animals are then broken down into their components to feed the hungry Googlers. It leads one to wonder how much of it is converted into bacon.

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