Google: How to Find Other Sites Linked to Yours?

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If you've ever wondered how to track which pages are linked to your own, Google has been working on a solution for you. It comes in the form of some refinements to their tools for analytics. They put it like this:

"Now you can see all the backlink URL’s, post titles, and more right within the new Social reports."

Here's how Google+Analytics+Blog%29">they explain it:

"The concept of trackbacks, a protocol by which different sites could notify each other of referencing links, first emerged back in 2002. Since then, the blogosphere has grown in leaps and bounds, but the requirement for each site to explicitly implement this protocol has always stood in the way of adoption. If only you could crawl the web and build an accurate link graph. The good news is we already do that at Google, and are now providing this insight to Google Analytics users."

"These reports provide another layer of social insight showing which of your content attracts links, and enables you to keep track of conversations across other sites that link to your content. Most website and blog owners had no easy mechanism to do this in the past, but we see it as another important feature for holistic social media reports. When you know what your most linked content is, it is then also much easier to replicate the success and ensure that you are building relationships with those users who actively link to you the most."

So if this sounds like something you could use, get started with Google Analytics right away. If you want to know more, you can click here for an in-depth example of how it works. There's a lot of resources within Google Analytics and there's also a lot of ways to get help using them. Enjoy!