Google Hires Netflix VP To Pursue Content Partnerships

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One of the people responsible for Netflix's jaw-dropping selection of content now works for Google, according to a new report.  Indeed, Robert Kyncl should even hold the important title (and position) "Vice President of Content Partnerships" at the search giant.

As reported by Peter Kafka, this will put Kyncl in charge of "landing TV and movie deals" for the sake of making Google TV a success.  Which may pose quite a challenge, considering the poor-to-nonexistent relationship Google has had with most media companies so far (think of the YouTube-Viacom lawsuit).

Still, this role should be a natural fit for Kyncl, since at Netflix, he was the vice president of digital content.  Plus, before Netflix, Kyncl worked at a site that deals in ad-supported content for kids (called Alfy) as a director of business development.

Kyncl used to work at HBO, Mutual Film Company, and Tavel Entertainment, too, so he should have lots of industry contacts.

GoogleAnyway, Kafka pointed out, "Google needs someone to talk to Hollywood and big media companies; many of the folks who have been doing that work for it in the past have moved on, including Jordan Hoffner (IAC), Dave Eun (AOL) and Tim Armstrong (AOL, too)."

It should be interesting to see what sort of content deals Kyncl is able to push through before Google TV launches.

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