Google Glass Video Demonstrates First-Person Trampolining

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For something that's just a prototype, Google sure is showing off its Project Glass headsets quite a bit. From public television to Google's CEO, the company is using Glass to shore up its futurist credentials.

Yesterday, Google co-founder Sergey Brin showed off the project in front of hundreds of professional photographers at the Google+ Photographer's Conference in San Francisco. His presentation included photos taken with the device, and also something that hasn't been seen before: a video shot with Google Glass. It's grainy and is in no way high-definition, or even of marginally good quality, but it's real. The photos and the video from Brin's presentation have all been released on the Project Glass Google+ page, and the video is embedded below:

In addition to the presentation photos and the trampoline video, Google Developer Advocate Chris Chabot uploaded an album full of pictures he took during the photographer's conference. He, Brin, and a small group of photographers took a walk around San Francisco while trying out Google Glass. From Chabot's Google+ post about the event:

I think the general reaction for anyone who got to put them on was whoah, we're in the future already it's such an exciting project and to imagine what will be possible with these in the future, is like reading a scifi story, to me it's right up there with self driving cars and jet packs, apparently the future really is now!

Did he just say jet packs? Is that what's coming next from Google X? Yes, please.

(via The Verge)

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