Google Glass Hopefully Out Next Year, Says Sergey Brin

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Despite showing the headsets off quite a bit, Google has been very protective of who it lets wear Google Glass. It seems the company is opening up more about the technology though. Last week Sergey Brin, Google's co-founder, allowed several photographers to try out the specs on a field trip around downtown San Francisco during the Google+ Photographer's Conference. At the conference, a video taken by a Google Glass headset was shown.

This week, Brin appeared on The Gavin Newsom Show, the California Lieutenant Governor's talk show on Current TV. There, Brin showed off Glass, discussed the future of Google, and revealed what his current work at the company entails. Current has released a clip of the hour-long interview, which can be seen below. During the interview Brin allows the host to try on Glass, showing Newsom a picture of himself that was just taken by Brin.

Newsom asked some very probing questions of Brin during the short clip Current has revealed. When asked how long Glass has been in development, Brin stated the project was "two or three" years old, but that he had only been involved heavily for the past year. Amazingly, Brin also stated that he hopes to get Glass out onto the market by next year, though he reiterated that it is just a hope. Currently, the Glass headsets are only an early prototype, without even a proper user interface.

Brin told Newsom that Google X, the Google division behind Glass and Google's self-driving cars, is now his primary focus at Google. "It's sort of an advanced skunkworks, and we try to prototype really far-out projects," said Brin.

The clip from the interview is embedded below. The rest of the interview will air at 11:00 am EDT this Friday on Current during The Gavin Newsom Show. Those without the Current cable channel will have to wait until the full interview is posted on the Current website.

(Current via Business Insider)