Google Glass Helper Is Conan O'Brien's Latest Take On Glass

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Google Glass is positioned to revolutionize the way we live our lives by delivering up to date information directly to our eyes. It's an incredibly cool piece of technology, and one that people are likely to buy into in a big way. I can't help but feel, however, that there's something missing.

Conan O'Brien shared with us last night a vision of a Google Glass that's far more personal than Google even imagined - Google Glass Helper. You can think of it as a virtual assistant that offers assistance based upon your surroundings, whether that be in front of your refrigerator or at dinner with your mother.

OK, maybe Google Glass Helper isn't the greatest thing since bagel bites. In fact, it's possibly illegal. That doesn't make it any less funny though.

That being said, I do believe the final feature would actually be pretty useful. After all, it'd be a shame to leave this life with regrets.

While this may be the best parody of Google Glass yet, it's not Conan's first stab at making fun of Google's wearable computer. Back in February, he introduced a concept called Google Ass. Just as it sounds, it's Google Glass for your butt. Practical? Not at all. Funny? You bet.

[Image: Team Coco/YouTube]

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