Google Glass Gets Its Own "Privacy Cover"

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A lot of people are concerned about Google Glass. Most feel that those who use the wearable computers will be infringing on their privacy with the device's camera. There's a simple solution though - just put a box over it.

Designer rweaving has shared what he calls the "Glass privacy cover" on Thingiverse. It's a small plastic casing created via 3D printer that then fits snugly over the camera on Glass. Don't worry though - it doesn't cover the display so you'll still be able to use Glass.

There are a few problems, of course. The first is that most people don't own a 3D printer. Although, one could argue that those who can afford Glass at the moment can surely afford the 3D printer necessary to make one of these.

The second is that people would still probably feel uneasy around Google Glass wearers even if they had this "privacy cover" on. Who's to stop somebody from making a tiny hole in the cover to allow recording while making it appear that it's covered?

Still, it's a nice gesture and a possible solution for locations that are mulling a ban on Google Glass. Of course, they could just tell people to take off Glass while they're in the bar, strip club, etc. Where's the fun in that though? It would surely double your nerd cred to have Google Glass and the 3D printer necessary to create the "privacy cover."

If you're a Google Glass owner who happens to have access to a 3D printer, you can grab the "Glass privacy cover" here.

[h/t: Geek]