Google Gives PyCon 2011 Special Nod


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PyCon - the largest annual conference related to the Python programming language - is almost here, and Google wants everyone to get excited about it.  The company made clear today that it will have a significant presence there and considers Python an important language.

Indeed, Google's actually one of two diamond-level sponsors of the event (the other's QNX Software Systems), and Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, is employed by the search giant.  It's hard to show much more support than that.

But that's not the end of things.  A number of Googlers are supposed to attend PyCon, and employees will be making presentations, too.

A post on the Google Open Source Blog explained that there will be a Google App Engine tutorial on Wednesday, March 9th.  And Google App Engine is the force behind the official Royal Wedding site, if you'll recall.

Then, on Friday the 11th, Google employees will give one talk titled "Creating Complex Data Pipelines in the Cloud" and another one related to Python 3.  A Q&A session with van Rossum will follow on Saturday, along with presentations called "Running Django Apps on Google App Engine," "API Design anti-patterns," and "HTTP in Python: which library for what task?"

The blog post concluded, "This will be PyCon's biggest year yet, so hopefully you can join us in Atlanta next week!  Keep an eye out on the PyCon blog to get the latest news, and be sure to follow the Twitter hashtag (#pycon)."

Other Pycon sponsors include Disqus (silver), Dropbox (gold), GitHub, Microsoft (platinum), Rackspace (gold), Threadless (silver), and Walt Disney (gold), by the way.