Google Fiber's Next Stop May Be In Provo, Utah [Update: It's Official]

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UPDATE: It's official. Google just announced via its official Google Fiber blog that Provo, Utah will be the next city to get Google's gigabit Internet service. As part of the expansion, Google will be purchasing iProvo, the network that currently owns the infrastructure.

Google notes that Google Fiber for Provo, Utah isn't official just yet. The purchase of iProvo must be approved by the city council during its meeting next Tuesday. It's unlikely that the the council would vote no though.

Original story follows below:

Google Fiber is starting to pick up pace in Kansas City again, and Google is just starting to plan out its expansion into Austin, Texas. While all that's happening, Google may be bringing its gigabit Internet service to another city.

Provo Buzz reports that the city of Provo, Utah may be next in line to receive Google Fiber. Their reasoning seems to stem from an official Provo city Web page that promises we'll "be amazed." City officials are reportedly saying it will an "epic announcement."

So what makes Provo the more likely Google Fiber candidate over other past rumored locations like New York City? For one, Provo already has the Fiber infrastructure in place. The city has had a Fiber network for a few years now thanks to a project called iProvo. The project soon ran out of money, however, and transferred ownership to Veracity. After that, Veracity sold the network back to the city under a 14 month lease.

According to Provo Buzz, that lease is now just about up. This gives the city and Veracity the perfect opportunity to unload the costly fiber infrastructure onto Google who will then use it to offer Google Fiber to the citizens of Provo.

Of course, all of this is merely speculation for now. The city could be announcing something entirely different as there hasn't been a single leak yet. There were numerous leaks before the announcements in Kansas City and Austin so it seems a little suspect that Provo could keep a Google Fiber announcement secret until today.

We'll continue to watch the Provo Web site for any sign of Google Fiber. If the city announces an expansion today, we'll be sure to let you know.

[h/t: DroidLife]

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