Google Fiber Sign Ups Go Live In Provo, Utah

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Back in April of this year, Google announced that it had purchased iProvo - a city-run ISP that provided fiber Internet to Provo, Utah. Upon completion of the purchase, Google was going to upgrade the existing fiber network and roll out Google Fiber to the city's residents before the end of the year.

As part of the next step in its plan for Provo, Google announced today that residents who are currently subscribed to the city's Veracity Network can now sign up for Google Fiber. This will ensure that those who are currently on the city-owned fiber network are transferred over to Google Fiber when it goes live at the end of the year.

Google says that current Veracity subscribers will only have to hit up the special landing page for Google Fiber, enter their address and choose which plan (only Internet or Internet and TV) they want. From there, Google will take care of the rest. Existing subscribers better act fast though as the sign up window for early access will only remain active through October 31.

That takes care of the Veracity subscribers, but what about Provo residents and small businesses that were never on Veracity? Google says that their sign ups will go live in January, and that they'll start rolling out Fiber to those customers in early 2014.

In other Google Fiber news, the rollout in Kansas City continues as planned with more and more surrounding suburbs agreeing to bring Google Fiber to their neighborhoods. As for Austin, Google is still in the planning phase, but it's now faces some competition as AT&T has announced that it will build out a fiber network in the city as well.

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