Google Fiber Is Rolling Out To Its First Fiberhood In October

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Google announced earlier this week that Google Fiber would be coming to 180 fiberhoods. They weren't sure on the final number as of yet due to some last minute registrations, but they have come back today with the definitive answer. The already impressive number is staying the same with 180, or 89 percent of both Kansas Cities, getting Google Fiber in the near future.

Google also announced today that Hanover Heights in Kansas City, Kansas will be getting their Fiber on first in the next few weeks. The fine people of this particular fiberhood were the first to qualify for Fiber installation by signing up the required number of people within two hours of the initial announcement. The same fiberhood was able to pre-register the highest number of people out of any of the other fiberhoods.

Kansas City, Kansas will be enjoying Fiber by the end of the year, but Kansas City, Missouri won't start to get Fiber until next Spring. Google says that they're just starting to lay the foundation for Fiber services in the other Kansas City and it could take even longer depending on the weather this winter. Starting next spring, however, the first fiberhood in the other Kansas City to get Fiber will be Crown Center.

Google has set up a handy construction schedule for residents of both Kansas Cities. It shows that the first fiberhood will be received their Internet in October of this year with the last fiberhood (Memorial Park) getting their Internet in the fall of next year.

With an expected finishing date of fall 2013, it's hard to see Google actually announcing any more markets before then. I guess the rest of us will just have to put up with subpar service and ridiculous prices until Google can whip the ISPs of this nation into shape.

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