Google Fiber Expands To Grandview, Missouri

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Google Fiber may be coming to more cities around the country, but the company is still solely focused on building out its current Fiber network in Kansas City. It probably won't be done there for a while either as more neighboring cities are welcoming Google Fiber with open arms.

Google announced this week that the town of Grandview, Missouri has recently voted in favor of bringing Google Fiber to the city. Grandview is directly South of Kansas City and borders the current Google Fiber buildout plans. It ensures that Google will be able to just keep building down into Grandview from Kansas City.

Just like every other bordering town, however, Grandview will have to wait its turn. Google is still building out Fiber in Kansas City proper, and the company notes that it must plan and engineer the network in Grandview first before bringing Fiber over.

Regardless, it's an encouraging sign to see more and more cities signing up for Fiber, even if those cities directly border Kansas City. It shows that interest in gigabit Internet is high despite claims to the contrary from incumbent ISPs.

Aside from the buildout around Kansas City, Google Fiber will also be coming to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah in the future. The latter already has an established Fiber network that Google just bought from the city so it may come there sooner than the planned rollout in Austin.

In an encouraging sign, Google Fiber and other Fiber initiatives around the country have seemingly inspired smaller ISPs to start offering gigabit Internet to their customers. The most recent being a small rural ISP in Vermont offering gigabit speeds to customers for only $35 a month.

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