Google Fiber Comes To 5 More Neighborhoods Early Next Year

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Google Fiber has been moving slowly throughout Kansas City as installations have only come to two neighborhoods. Google is going to speed things up next year though, and five more neighborhoods can expect to see Fiber in their homes by the first half of the year.

Google announced that it should be finished installing fiber in Dub's Dread by the beginning of 2013. After that, the company will be moving to the following neighborhoods: Piper Schools, Delaware Ridge, Painted Hills, Open Door, and Arrowhead. Those who signed up for Google Fiber in those neighborhoods have anywhere between January 31 and March 7 to sign up for a plan.

In an unexpected but entirely welcome move, Google has expanded a few of the "fiberhoods" for next year. That means those living on the boundaries of the above five neighborhoods may be included in the next rollout of fiber installations. Here's what the new boundary drawings look like:

View Next Five Google Fiber Fiberhoods in a larger map

Those who are getting fiber have the choice of either a basic Internet package for $70/month or Internet and Fiber TV for $120/month. The latter is seemingly the much better deal as it comes with an impressive DVR and a Nexus 7 tablet. The list of channels available is still growing as well so you're favorite channel should appear on Google Fiber TV shortly if it's not already there.

It should be noted that Google Fiber is still only available to residents of the twin Kansas Cities. That being said, Google has recently said that it's looking into expanding the program into other cities. Other companies are beginning to challenge the major telecoms as well by bringing affordable fiber to the masses. It hopefully won't be long before affordable Internet catches on to the mainstream and everybody in the U.S. has access to faster Internet.

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