Google Explores Antarctica So We Don't Have To

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I absolutely love cold weather with winter being my favorite season. You may find me crazy, but I do have my limits - Antarctica being one of them. While I love the idea of a snowy wonderland, the South Pole is just too cold for my preference. That doesn't mean that I would never want to visit, but Google has made that part easy.

As part of Google's continued insistence that everything on Earth gets Street View, they have taken more pictures of the cultural sites in Antarctica. The Google Street View team previously visited the coldest place on Earth back in 2010, but they're now back with even more images of the snowy wasteland that the penguins call home.

Using their awesome 360-imagery cameras, Google was able to snap pics of the more historically important sites in the South Pole. Here's a picture of the actual South Pole with the flags of nations who helped fund expeditions to the South Pole:

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If you were to ever visit Antarctica, you would want to check out Shackleton's Hut. It's almost a museum of sorts now that shows how the first explorers in the early 20th century lived in the extreme climate.

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All the images were captured with a small lightweight tripod camera - the kind people use to take photos of business interiors. Google claims that they couldn't bring the Street View trikes to Antarctica, but they could have strapped a camera on to the back of a dog sled. That would make for some great photo ops.

Check out Google's World Wonders site for all the information you could ever want on the coolest place on Earth.

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