Google Earth Adds New Mountain Features

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Google said today it has added new features to its “Mountains” layer in Google Earth.

To view the “Mountains” layer users can check the left layers panel in Google Earth. By clicking on a green icon users can view information about a particular mountain. The information appears in a bubble form and includes elevation, a link to a KML tour, a link to an article about the mountain and a slide deck of Panoramio pictures. Hovering over an image will display arrows with additional photos.

In the “Elevation Profile” section users can view cross sections of a mountain in four directions. The cross section is displayed as a black line on the shaded relief image of the mountain.

The Google+LatLong%29">Lat Long Blog offers more information. “We're also excited to show off the tours created for each and every mountain. Click on the 'Fly on a tour' link to download a KML tour. Hit the 'Play' icon once the tour has downloaded and you'll be taken to a vantage point near the peak and flown in a circle to take in the views.”

“We’ve also added hundreds of thousands of new labels for water bodies all over the world. Click on the 'Water Bodies' label just underneath 'Mountains' in the layer panel to see new labels for seas, bays, lakes, and reservoirs (rivers are not yet labeled).”