Google Drive For Mac/PC Gets Helpful New Features

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Google announced some new features for Google Drive for Mac/PC, the app that syncs files on your computer with Google Drive.

You can now select what you sync and get new warnings to help you take better care of shared files and folders.

"Drive can store terabytes (upon terabytes) but there’s a good chance your computer’s hard drive will run out of space if you sync everything. Fortunately, you can now select which folders or subfolders you want to sync — and deselect the ones you don’t," says product manager Aakash Sahney. "When you deselect a folder, it’ll be removed from your computer but still kept safely in Drive. And Drive shows you the size of each folder, so you'll know how much space you're freeing up."

"After you sync your files, Drive makes it easy to move and delete items directly from your computer," Sahney adds. "But doing that with shared files can cause others to lose access. Now, Drive warns you when this might happen."

The updates will roll out over the coming week.

Image via Google