Google Drive Seen During a Developer Google+ Hangout

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Google has certainly been pushing their Google+ Hangouts recently. Hosting everything from conference panel discussions to an interview with the Secretary General of the UN, Google is hoping Hangout becomes the go-to place for videoconferencing. Anything, however, can happen during a live broadcast, and when you are dealing with cutting-edge technology that may still be somewhat secret, live can mean leaks.

During a Google Android developer Hangout last Friday the Google Drive icon was able to be seen for a split-second. Google Drive is Google's forthcoming attempt at a cloud storage service for the public. It will function similar to Dropbox by allowing users a certain amount of space to save files onto, though the base storage amount for Google Drive is 5GB - slightly more than Dropbox's 3GB.

This isn't the first time the Google Drive logo has been leaked prematurely, though it has changed colors since February. This time the icon showed up in a list of options to which a PDF document could be sent. Right alongside the Drive icon is the Dropbox icon, confirming that Google has a working version of Drive and that they are testing its capabilities against Dropbox. This sighting could lend credence to the rumors that Google Drive will be launching soon, maybe even this week.

What do you think? Will Google Drive be launching sooner rather than later? How does this affect Dropbox and other cloud storage options? Leave a comment below and let me know, right after you take a look at the video in which the leak occurred:

(via The Verge)

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