Google Drive Spotted, Logo Appears Rather Googley

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Is Google preparing for an imminent launch of their rumored cloud storage service Google Drive?

Last week, we reported that Google was prepping their launch of Google Drive, a cloud service that would compete with existing services like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud. Google Drive is said to work like any other cloud storage service - you upload files to it and you're then able to access them from anywhere with interwebs. Nothing revolutionary, of course, but definitely big news in the fact that it's Google taking the initiative.

It appears that at least one Google user has spotted Drive in the wild, as GeekWire obtained a screenshot of the service. The "Drive" link appears at the top of a logged-in user's page - a part of Google's black bar of services. It also closely resembles Google Docs. Check it out below:

One interesting thing about the screenshot is the "Install Google Drive" option on the left-hand side. This could mean that there will be some sort of desktop app or auto-upload program that users can install to their computers - so that they can work from that end to upload files instead of working from the actual Google Drive end (think Music Manager for the recent Google Music venture).

Here's the favicon associated with Drive, enlarged for your viewing displeasure Could this be the Drive logo? Looks Googley enough:

Of course, Google Drive wouldn't be Google's first foray into cloud storage. Popular services like the aforementioned Google Docs and Picasa already allow for the storing of documents and pictures. Google also recently unveiled their new Google Music service that allows users to upload their entire home libraries to the cloud. And let's not forget about Google Cloud Storage for developers.

But a user-friendly, all-inclusive cloud storage service from Google would certainly be welcomed by plenty of users. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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