Google Drive API Gets JavaScript Support

Developer & Design

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Google really wants you to develop for Drive. It has the potential to become the next great collaborative portal for creators to share their latest work with others. Developers are already building apps for Drive that take advantage of the recently released API. Now Google is making it more accessible.

Ali Afshar, Tech Lead for Google Drive Developer Relations, let it be known today that JavaScript support is now available in the Drive API. He says that all browser-based applications, including Chrome extensions, can take advantage of their client library. He points out that developers can also use CORS requests to the API.

Afshar also says that Google isn't going into this halfheartedly. They went all out with their JavaScript support. All the functions of Drive are supported, including the uploading and downloading of files, tracking changes, listing files, and managing revisions.

Until now, Google Drive was available in Java, Phython, PHP, .NET, Ruby and Objective-C for iOS. You can view the respective examples for these languages over at the Google Drive documentation site. There isn't a specific Drive example created in JavaScript yet, but it should show up soon enough.

For now, check out the Google Drive QuickStart guide for how to get started with Drive development in JavaScript. It's super simple and should be a breeze for anybody just getting into development. There are plenty of resources in the above guide that will show you the way if the going ever gets rough.