Google Doodle Celebrates Jorge Luis Borges

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Today is the 112th birthday of Jorge Luis Borges, Argentinian writer, essayist, poet and translator. Borges is often celebrated for his contributions to science fiction and being one of the pioneers of the magic realism genre.

The Google doodle today honors Borges by placing a character in a large library, presumably the author, overlooking a futuristic cityscape.

Wishing Jorge Luis Borges a happy 112th birthday! "I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library." 9 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Many experts believe that Borges was years ahead of his time, he was viewed as a myth of his own lifetime for his "mythic riddlings".

Some of Borges prominent works include "Ficciones," "The Aleph" and "Labyrinths," all of these books have intertwining short stories. In 1975 he published a short story "The Book of Sand," a very deep story about an infinite book, each page of which can never be looked upon a second time. The Washington Post states "his blending of worlds and epochs, fantasies and realities, he could be said to be glimpsing a fully digital future of infinite downloading.".

Borges died in Geneva at the age of 86, never have won the Nobel Prize in Literature, to the aggravation of his loyal fans.

Be sure to check out the Google doodle celebrating the birthday of Jorge Luis Borges and leave a comment of your thoughts.

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