Google Dominance In Czech Republic Disputed


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Last week, reports indicated that Google had become the top search engine in the Czech Republic, leaving it not number one in just five countries.  Jaws dropped and people applauded in response.  Only now, - a competitor in the Czech Republic - has claimed that everyone was far too quick to believe the initial assertion. said in an official statement, "A report, which announced the fall of from the position of leader of the internet market in the Czech Republic, was derived from a rather unobjective interpretation of Toplist statistics. considers this statement, which the media continues to spread based on this claim, to be an exaggeration and misleading."

Later, the company added, "The last available verified data, which Net Monitor provides, is from November 2010. . . .  In November 2010, 3.98 million real users from the CR used the search service of, which is 68% of the Czech internet population.  In comparison to November 2009, the year over year growth in the number of real users using search is 7%."

GoogleSo it's possible that guns were jumped when it claiming to declaring Google dominant in the Czech Republic.  The search giant may still have a ways to go when it comes to conquering the country (assuming it can ever do so).

A big hat tip goes to Matt McGee, in any event.