Google Developers Live Is I/O All Year Round

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Wouldn't it be awesome if Christmas came every day? Of course it wouldn't because Santa would never get any sleep and I would be broke by the second day of buying presents. How about Google I/O coming around every day? Now that I can get behind.

You may remember that Dart Editor walkthrough that we wrote about today. It turns out that the video, and all of the other Google I/O 101 videos, are part of new program called Google Developers Live. Google describes it as a year-round Google I/O with events and programs that are meant to foster the relationship between Google and the developers that use their products.

Here's what Louis Gray of the Developers Relation Team had to say about it:

Louis Gray

Introducing: Google Developers Live

Google I/O kicks off next week in San Francisco, putting Google Developers face to face with Google employees and other product experts for three full days. We'd like to bring that face to face experience to our developers year round, and starting today, introduce Google Developers Live, a destination for developers around the world to connect to Google face to face to face, with the power of Google+ Hangouts and YouTube.

Tune in to Google Developers Live at and start filling your calendar with Office Hours, App Reviews and more from Google's many products, along with original programming. Whether you're looking for Android, Chrome, Google+, Drive, Cloud Platform, Google Maps, YouTube or something else, we’ve got a hangout for you - all year round.

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As you can see, Google Developers Live is all about you - the developers. One of the main features of Google Developers Live is the already famous Office Hours that has developers of certain platforms speaking with other developers and answering their questions. It's the other ideas contained within that are worth getting excited over.

According to Google, we'll start seeing more "live, interactive broadcasts." It includes "developer-focused game shows." I'm still clamoring for a return of Match Game PM and a developer based version could be just as funny.

The current schedule doesn't list anything beyond the usual developer help videos and Hangouts. It's still a great addition to the weekly Google schedule of events for developers and fans alike to take part in. Being able to check the Office Hour schedule on an actual calendar is also much appreciated.

It will be a while before we start to see amazing Google related game shows (like a Match Game PM adaptation), but it should start to really take off after Google I/O. The company obviously wants to keep developers engaged with the latest happenings at Google so we'll see how it turns out. All I know is that I'm going to hold them to that game show promise.