Google Creates Themed Ads For Custom Search


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Bold, in-your-face ads have never been Google's style; instead, the search giant professes to prefer ads that attract users' attention by being relevant.  So now, in a move appropriate to that philosophy, Google's introduced themed ads matched to Google Custom Search.

Sites with grayish backgrounds and some green text will now be accompanied by similarly colored ads.  Ditto for sites with greenish backgrounds and some purple text, or whatever the case may be.

To be honest, we doubt hundreds of engineers had to work night and day to achieve this change.  It's also a little curious that Google took so long to undertake this tweak.

Still, the upgrade should be effective.  Rajat Mukherjee, a group product manager of search at Google, reasoned on the Inside AdSense Blog, "The result is harmony between search results and ads, which we think makes for a great user experience."

And ads that match a site's design may be less likely to be ignored due to banner blindness, as well.

Anyway, Mukherjee concluded, "We hope you agree that your visitors will enjoy themed ads.  As always, be sure to send us your feedback."