Google Launches Page Speed For Chrome


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Google said today it has released a Page Speed add-on for its Chrome browser.

Chrome users can now receive Page Speed performance tips to make their sites faster from within the Chrome browser.


Google says its Page Speed for Chrome has all of the same core features as the Firefox add-on. TheGoogle+Code+Blog%29"> Google Code Blog has more details. “In addition, there are two major improvements appearing in this version first. We’ve improved scoring and suggestion ordering to help web developers focus on higher-potential optimizations first.”

“Plus, because making the web faster is a global initiative, Page Speed now supports displaying localized rule results in 40 languages!”

“If your site serves different content based on the browser’s user agent, you now have a good method for page performance analysis as seen by different browsers, with Page Speed coverage for Firefox and Chrome through the extensions, and Internet Explorer via, which integrates the Page Speed SDK.”