Google's Chrome Mobile Browser At The Center Of New Patent Lawsuit

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Google has just landed in the crosshairs of EMG Technology, who has filed a patent lawsuit claiming that the company has infringed on a particular mobile patent involving navigating systems on smartphones and tablets. Google's Chrome mobile browser is the alleged offender.

Here's what EMG patent head Elliot Gottfurcht has to say about how Google has infringed upon the patent:

Google’s Chrome Mobile Browser directly infringes the ‘196 patent by displaying mobile webpages on smart phones and tablets using EMG’s patented simplified navigation system, which permits users to navigate a touch screen with unique inputs and to manipulate the screen for zooming and scrolling.

Mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, made by Motorola (which is owned by Google) and Samsung, use Google’s Chrome Mobile Browser to navigate mobile web sites using EMG’s patented simplified navigation system.

The actual patent in question is U.S. Patent 7,441,196 C1 (‘196), which bills itself as an "apparatus and method of manipulating a region on a wireless device screen for viewing, zooming and scrolling internet content."

"A method and apparatus of simplified navigation. A web page is provided having a link to a sister site. The sister site facilitates simplified navigation. Pages from the sister site are served responsive to actuation of the sister site link. In one embodiment, the sister site includes matrix pages to permit matrix navigation," it reads.

Back in 2008, EMG sued Apple for allegedly infringing on the same patent within Safari.

EMG is seeking monetary damages as well as injunctions against the Chrome mobiel browser, which as you know just launched for iOS in June.

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