Google Channels The Life Aquatic For Its New Nexus 7 Ad

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We're only a few weeks away from the official beginning of the holiday shopping season. As such, Google is starting to kick its advertising machine for its line of Nexus products into high gear. The first ad focuses on Google's older tablet - the Nexus 7.

It would be hard to beat the first Nexus 7 ad as it featured a father and son camping in the backyard with dinosaurs - a velociraptor from Jurassic Park to be exact. It was pretty awesome, but Google has definitely outdone itself with an ad that channels The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou - the 2004 comedy-drama from Wes Anderson.

Critics have traditionally called Apple a company that makes products for hipsters and mindless consumers. Samsung's latest ads targeting Apple fans perpetuates that stereotype, but it may not be wholly accurate anymore. Apple's latest ad for the iPad Mini is more minimalistic and could appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Google's latest Nexus 7 ad is the epitome of the Internet definition of hipster, and that's a good or bad thing depending on your outlook. Google is trying to say that its Nexus line can unlock the creativity of the individual to achieve something great. The idea will resonate with some consumers, but others are just going to see a bunch of hippies in a high-rise wasting money on an art installation.

Either way, it's a pretty cool ad. Strangely enough, Droid Life says that the ad has been marked as private on Google's own Nexus YouTube page. It's unknown when it will go back up. It's also unknown if Google will air ads for its other new Nexus devices - the Nexus 10 and the Nexus 4.