Google+ Celebrates #TreeTuesday with Wonderful Wood

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For fans of Google+, the network is setting itself apart with photography. And you can see evidence of this in the various trending topics that emerge throughout the week. Take for instance #MacroMonday, which showcases magnificent close-up photography, or #FloralFriday, which sees Google+ users post their best flower-related images.

Today, it's the trees that get top billing. It's #TreeTuesday on Google+, and all types are welcome.

Here are some of the best submissions from users:

Deangelo Scott

Just a few artists hanging out enjoying the lovely weather. #treetuesday  

Jennifer Haroon

Resting in a tall tree
Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

#AfricanTuesday "Tall Trees," curated by +Morkel Erasmus , +Dick Whitlock & +Grobler du Preez for +African Tuesday 

#TreeTuesday, curated by +Shannon S. Myers & +Christina Lawrie 

Scott Sugawara

Finding some relief from the hot sun under the shade of a tree.

#treetuesday   for +Tree Tuesday curated by +Christina Lawrie & +Shannon S. Myers 

E.E. Giorgi

#treetuesday by +Christina Lawrie and +Shannon S. Myers
#halloweentown by +lane langmade
#hawkeasfriends (Epic Clouds) by +Fabio Bucchieri

No filter, single exposure, processed in LR 4. Next time I'm going with a 3-stop ND and a flashlight (just got the filter, need the flashlight).

Cynthia K Seymour

Gnarly Shadows... Sea Grapes at John Pennekamp State Park   #TreeTuesday  

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